Post Apocalyptic Costumes- Combined Forces

bulletcrs211 Here are the results of 1 year of quarantine (Thanks Don). All three of my Post Apocalyptic inspired characters in one place, in chronological order. Each costume has a different “feel” to it, and each required a varied set of skills to fabricate.

bulletcrs211 I have finished the gasmask for ‘Doog’s’ rebreather, (need to take some pics), made modifications to his leggings and am currently working on his Geiger Counter. I’m still adding details to ‘Dozer’s’ armor and finishing up his helmet and weapons. All in all, things are moving along briskly, and I’m quite pleased with the results so far. When I get everything finished and things settle down a bit, I’ll have to get a few pics in an appropriate Post-Apocalyptic setting. I just realized I don’t have any decent pics of the ‘Wastelanders’ breathing apparatus, we shall have to remedy that.

“Ride Eternal, Shiny and Chrome!”

-Later- Bolt

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Post-Apocalypse Costume; The Raider “Dozer”!

bulletcrs211  Ladies aaand Gentlemen! Straight from the urban Wasteland and parts unknown! He’s Mean! He’s vicious! He’s NASTY and he’s Crazy! A man with a questionable past, and certainly NO FUTURE! Put your hands together fooorr,  “DOZER”! 


bulletcrs211  Here’s a few preliminary shots of my character ‘Dozer’, tho’ still a work in progress. There are still a few details to add, and a bit of weathering to do, and his helmet still needs work, but i just couldn’t wait to see how everything was coming together. So far I’m really pleased with how he’s coming along. (More pics below.)



‘Dozer’ is a severe departure from my other 2 characters, much more aggressive and a bona-fide wack-job! With no rules, no laws and no conscience, the Post-Apocalypse is a world made just for him.dozer-girdle-and-codpiecedozer-L-hipdozer-pauldron-gorget-vambrace

  bulletcrs21  ‘Dozer’ is perhaps the most Mad Max-like character of the three characters that this pandemic has produced. They’ve been a creative blast to build, and I’ll post final pics when ‘Dozer’ is finished.


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Doogs’ Weapon Props

bulletcrs211  As our boy “Doog” wanders through the Post Apocalyptic wastes he’s bound to encounter a few unsavory characters, and an unarmed survivor is easy pickin’s. So here’s a detail shot of “Doogs'” personal defense prop weapons. Doogs-weapons

bulletcrs211  Once again it’s the 10$ Nerf-like double barreled breakaway shotgun from Adventure Force, sawed-off  and heavily modified in a different configuration from my previous Post-apo character, ‘the Wastelander’. It has a removable orange tip (not shown), to comply with LARP, Cosplay, convention rules and the law. He’s also packing a couple of blades, one sheathed and one unsheathed. The sheathed combat knife is once again made from a paint stir-stick, and includes a leather frog. The unsheathed boot knife is made from 5 layers of thin cardboard, laminated with thick coats of white glue to stiffen it up, and spray coated with a couple of coats of Plasti-dip. It looks pretty nasty, but is harmless.

bulletcrs211  Our boy “Doog” keeps it on the down-lo, preferring to be the Gray man, keeping his head on a swivel, steering away from potential threats, but not afraid to mix it up when he needs to.

I’m still lookin for a decent moniker for our boy, so if you have any ideas for a Post-apo name that fits, please drop me a line.

Later, -Bolt-

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Post Apocalyptic accoutrements

bulletcrs211  I’m still working on stuff for my second Post-apocalyptic costume, “Doog” the Wanderer. Here’s one of “Doogs'” signature goodies. A mini hand-crafted terrarium, cobbled together with its own rechargeable light-source, and his lovingly cared-for pet plant. It’s the last pure thing “Doog” knows, and he protects it, nurtures it, and packs it along wherever he goes.



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Post-Apo Costume- ‘Doog’ the Wanderer

bulletcrs211  OK. This is getting ridiculous. Here’s the latest exercise in quarantine creativity. “Doog” the Wanderer, (for lack of a better name, couldn’t really call him Wastelander 2 the sequal.) is the second of three dystopian costumes to emerge from the bunker. “Doog” has a whole different vibe from my previous character. He doesn’t have any armor, not near as many weapons, his gear is all natural found items for the most part, and he carries a small terrarium on his back. Kind of a “Post-Apocalyptic Nature Boy”, I guess.

Post Apocalyptic Costume – “Doog” the Wanderer, 1st layer.

bulletcrs2 This costume was built in conjunction with a third costume that’s still a WIP. (Yeah, I know, building 2 more costumes at the same time, when I don’t know what to do with first one I made. Ridiculous.) That characters name is “Dozer”, (as in Bulldozer), and his costume involves lots of metal, fur, tires and pointy bits. I just need to finish the helmet, and it’s a wrap! “Dozer” is coming soon, so stay tuned, he’s REALLY ef’n cool! In the meantime…

bulletcrs2  I called this character “Doog”, because I couldn’t think of what else to call him. So if after you scope out the pics below, you have a suggestion for a cool name that fits, feel free to shoot me an Email, I’m open to suggestions.

Lates, Bolt

Doog-2nd-layerPost Apocalyptic Costume – “Doog” the Wanderer, 2nd layer.

Doog-3rd-layerPost Apocalyptic Costume – “Doog” the Wanderer, 3rd layer.

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