About BoltCutterDesign

The Bolt Cutter Design team has 25+ years of combined graphic and visual arts experience.
Our two man team began Bolt Cutter Design in 2000, primarily as a print graphics design house. In 2003 we took the plunge and expanded into the “New Media” establishing a web design studio. We use freelancers and outside contractors as the project requires. We are proficient in HTML, DHTML, XHTML, and CSS. We are moderately proficient in Javascript and are actively engaged in learning XML and its sub-languages. When not eating and breathing Art, our interests include Bookbinding, Military History, Collecting European History during the Age of Empire, Russian & German Philately, and first edition books.

Mike Mahoney : Principle/Creative Director
Viktor Slutskeya : Principle


  • (M) University of Northern Colorado
    Greeley, Colorado
    Fine Arts : Major
    English Literature : Minor
    Education : Minor
  • (M) La Poggerina, Ponte Agli Stolli
    Figline Valdarno, Florence, Italy
    Old Masters Techniques
    Art History
  • (M) University of Southern California
    Berkley, California
    Windows Cert.
  • (V) Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg
    St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
    Graphic Design
    Web Development



ADOBE- Photoshop CS-Illustrator CS-Imageready CS-Acrobat-Pagemaker
MACROMEDIA- Dreamweaver MX-Flash MX-
MICROSOFT- Frontpage 2000-Access 2000-
COREL- Draw 5.5
HILOGIC-Font Creator


Oils- Prismacolor- Mustard- Acrylics- Latex House Paint- Cigarette Ash- Collage’- Graphite- Ketchup- Pen & Ink- Charcoal- Worchestershire- Pastels- Conte’ Crayon-Markers-Anything & Everything an Urban Environment Can Provide


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