New TABLETOP HERO Release- Plasma Reactor #G06

Plasma Reactor #G06

Sci-fi Plasma Reactor #G06. Includes raised platform and 2 control consoles.
GW figure shown for scale purposes only.
Photo of actual model.

bulletcrs2 This kit brings the total number of TABLETOP HERO releases to 30! By customer suggestion, we are proud to bring you a futuristic ‘Plasma Reactor’ #G06. Great for 40k or any other sci-fi scenario. This versatile model comes with its own raised platform and two control consoles. This detailed kit could be used in a ground based scenario or could stand in as the reactor core of a space craft or space station. There are a plethora of kit-bashing opportunities here as well.

Scope out all the current TABLETOP HERO kits! If you have any ideas for future releases, or don’t see what you need, give us a shout, we really DO listen. Check back often! You just never know, what you need for your table, may already be “in the pipe”!
Happy Gaming!


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