Part 3 of “the Maul”, the Old Quarter #MEC01C, Released

The Old Quarter #MEC01C

The Old Quarter #MEC01C
Includes 3 Middle Eastern Plaza ground sheets.

bulletcrs2 The final section, Part 3, of the TABLETOP HERO Middle Eastern Marketplace, “the Maul” is now ready for release. Sorry it took so long but we revamped the whole kit to make it a bit more interesting. This kit was designed to compliment Zafiras’ Gate (pt. 1) and House of Eufrat. (pt. 2) seamlessly. We think it was worth the wait!

We added the corner building with the tower to allow that section of ‘the Maul’ to have 4 levels of game play. Even though we show just one possibility, all the buildings in this kit are detailed on all 4 sides and can be used as stand-alones or in a variety of configurations to suit your scenario or available space. Combine this kit with some of our other Middle Eastern kits, and you are well on your way to creating a village or an entire town!

Soon, we hope to have pics of all the the TABLETOP HERO Middle Eastern releases set up together on a tabletop, so you can see some of the possibilities. (If the weather cooperates, we want to set up outside, to get the natural sunlight, for atmosphere. It is the desert after all.)

Check out all the current TABLETOP HERO kits! If you have any ideas for future releases, or don’t see what you need, give us a shout, we really DO listen. Check back often! You never know, what you need, may be “in the pipe”!
Happy Gaming!


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