Wastelander Details Update

bulletcrs211  With all this free time, I’ve been reworking a few details on “the Wastelander” costume that weren’t quite up to snuff. The SMG magazines were one of the details that always bugged me, lacking any interesting detail and looking like they were just blocks of wood, (which they are). However being quarantined under a no travel order, (mostly from my wife), my resources were somewhat limited. But, I managed to scrounge up a few goodies to bring them up to a standard I can live with. Below are some before and after pics of the much improved magazines, I hope you agree.

Revised SMG magazines- before and after

PS. The post-apo mask really turned a few heads when we went grocery shopping.

Lates, -Bolt_

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“the Wastelander” Evolution



bulletcrs211  Below are pics of “the Wastelander’s” evolution as he survives the Apocalypse. His equipment wears out and he scavenges for replacements and upgrades to increase his chances of survive-ability against nuclear winter, nuclear summer, radioactive dust, animals, dehydration, starvation, acid rain and the biggest threat of all, ravaging humanity. Because in a lawless world born of nuclear fire, no matter how little you have, there will always be someone who will try and take it from you.


DAY 178 PA


DAY 778 PA


DAY 1198 PA


DAY 1524 PA


DAY 1876 PA


Mask and Goggles Detail


Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum


Pauldron Detail


Rear Hip Detail


Left Hip Detail


Vambrace detail


Water bottle detail


Right Hip Detail


Pauldron, Mask and Goggles


Pauldron and Hood Detail

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More Accessories for ‘the Wastelander’

bulletcrs211  The Post-apo train just keeps on a-rollin’! We just can’t stop! A couple more goodies for ‘the Wastelander’. (as if he needed more crap to carry.) Gauging by these grenades, the combat knife and the SMG magazines, it’s obvious our boy found a cache of pre-apocalypse military weaponry. Altho’ he modified these grenades a little, turning them into frags to increase their damage quotient.


Modified Post-apo M80 Frag Grenades

Ya see . . . This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands!

Lates, -Bolt-

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Wastelander update!

bulletcrs211  Another new toy for the Wastelander! We made the shotgun shells a couple of months ago, figuring our hero could use them to trade. But then last week we ran across a cheap breakaway double barrelled NERF shotgun at Wall Mart for $10. And seeing as how we’re all quarantined up, with all kinds of extra time on our hands, BAM! MAX was born! And what’s even more cool, our home-made shells fit perfectly!


MAX. Sawed-off double-barrelled breakaway shotgun with 9 shot bandolier.

Now the Wastelander is packin’ some serious firepower for when it gets up-close and personal. (Lets just hope the shells don’t misfire.)


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the Wastelander! Post-Apocalyptic Costume


BoltCutter the Wastelander. In costume, in an appropriate setting. Original pic below.

bulletcrs211  After watching ‘Mad Max-Fury Road’, I ran across a YouTube channel called ‘Nuclear Snail‘. Now folks, if you have any interest at all in dystopian scenarios, weather its ‘Metropolis, Mad Max, the Walking Dead, Wasteland Weekend, 1984 or whatever, you’ve got to check this channel out! The very charismatic Dimitri Zaitsev is awesome! He is an artist and crafter that builds post-apocalyptic and dystopian costumes professionally. The awesome part is, he publishes videos with tips, techniques, processes and finished projects with everybody! I watched a couple of his vids and got introduced to the work of Mark Cordory, who does a lot of costume work for Dr. Who. Between these two guys, I got the bug! (No, not the Corona Virus!) The post-apo bug! (Check these guys out and you’ll get the bug too!) So, for the past month and a half or so, I’ve been building my own Post-Apocalyptic costume! Its kind of a mix of military equipment, industrial garb and civilian elements, it kinda got away from me. Below is a pic of the progression and weapons. I hope you like.


day 62 ———————————————————————————————————————– day 1976. Changes in the Wastelander, post apocalypse


L to R, T to B; refurbished SMG (boltcutter), shotgun shell bandolier, spare mags for the MG, grenade (IED), .45 cal. pistol (Lucille), .45 cal ammo, trench club (Lil Debbie), grenade (IED), combat knife.

bulletcrs211 Everything was built to last, by hand, from found objects and thrift store finds. The goggles are made from an old set of busted headphones, the Pauldron, (shoulder-pad) is made from a worn out pair of boot tops, the oxygen tank began life as two, 2 liter soda bottles and a few bits and bobs, the pistol and SMG are converted from a couple of $4.99 toy guns I picked up at Wal Mart, the ammo (both .45 and Shotgun shells) are made from wooden dowels, paper and metal washers. The sheathed combat knife is made from a paint stir-stick, (free from Home Depot), the Obi-Wan robe and hood are made from a thrift store table-cloth.

bulletcrs211  The whole idea being that, the Wastelander is a scrounger, re-purposing whatever he finds into something he needs. It was a hell of a lot of fun, and really got the creative juices flowing. I really want to build another costume, but I don’t even know what to do with this one!
“Oh what a lovely day!” – Nux

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